Ingredients - food

Anne Louise Dannesboe Nielsen

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Ingredienser fødevarer

Ingredients - food

A wide range of biomasses contain valuable components which can be purified and applied as valuable and healthy food ingredients. These compounds include natural colours, functional proteins, healthy lipids, antioxidants, natural antimicrobials etc. DTI can help in identifying, extracting, formulating and drying these ingredients as well as in performing application tests in final foods.

The extracted compounds are often fragile and hence it is necessary to stabilise these kinds of high-value compounds before they are applicable as food ingredients. Examples include vitamins that might be degraded during storage if not protected correctly and probiotics that will degrade during intake before a beneficial effect can be achieved. DTI works with microencapsulation as a means of stabilising labile compounds to achieve better food and feed ingredients. With this technology, it is furthermore possible to perform taste-masking e.g. of ingredients with desired functionality but unpleasant flavour and taste.


  • Extraction
  • Fluid-bed microencapsulation and agglomeration
  • Spray drying and spray cooling
  • Freeze drying
  • Pilot plant for test of meat products