Masonry and tile roofing - Bricks and mortar

Mette Stubager Moesgaard

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Murværk og tage - Konstruktion og udførelse

Masonry and tile roofing - Bricks and mortar

Through our analyses and assessments you will be guaranteed correct bricklaying. Our expertise can help you compose materials, analyse status and cause of damage. We have expertise on production and material technology so we will be your access to expertise whether the brickwork is still in the drafting process, was laid last week or is 900 years old.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Status Analysis and Damage Localization of Building
  • Analyses Including Types of Mortar and Strength Assessment of Existing Brickwork
  • Discoloration of Brickwork – Cause and Improvement
  • Control and Testing of Raw Materials, Products and Constructions
  • Knowledge on Product and Material Technology
  • Process Optimizing at Brick Fields


  • Brick fields can cut energy bill by 10%