MATChING: Reducing wastewater in the energy sector

Claus  Bischoff

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MATChING: Reducing wastewater in the energy sector

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Materials and Technologies for Performance Improvement of Cooling Systems performance in Power Plants, in short MATChING, is a project aiming towards reducing the cooling water demand in the energy sector.

Power generation requires great amounts of water primarily for cooling purposes. Depending on the kind of cooling system adopted (once through vs. recirculating systems), water can return to the environment. In 2016, energy production accounted for 17% of the total water use in the EU, primarily serving as cooling water. 

Specific Objectives 

  1. Reduction of evaporative losses in geothermal power plants 
  2. Increase in cooling equipment robustness to allow the use of non-traditional water sources 
  3. Increase in heat exchange efficiency of both condenser and cooling equipment 
  4. Application of advanced and alternative treatment equipment to promote the use of alternative water sources 

DTI contribution  

vandhane der drypperTo reach these objectives, DTI has provided both important knowledge and technical solutions in the form of coatings. DTI participated in the designing and evaluation of coatings to protect surface pipelines for transportation of geothermal fluids. As well, DTI was involved in the designing and evaluation of coatings to enhance dropwise condensation (external surface of tube bundles) and to prevent biofouling (inner surface of tube bundles) for steam condensers in thermal power plants   

If you have questions about the project you are welcome to contact us or visit the project website

Key points:  

  • Enhance dropwise condensation  
  • Antifouling and corrosion resistance in geothermal  
  • Antibiofouling 

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