Mechanical testing of metals

Peter  Barlach

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Mekanisk test af metaller

Mechanical testing of metals

Danish Technological Institute has many years of experience in material-testing (metals including raw materials, bolts and welds, plastics, lines, brick, wood materials, glass etc). Testing is carried out according to existing standards, if any. 
Our laboratory has equipment for loads in the area from 0,1 – 1000 kN, and we have fixation equipment for very small components up to very heavy elements. Mechanical testing such as tensility, notched bar impact testing, ability to bend, hardness measurement and similar is carried out with accreditation and pursuant to international standards.  

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Accredited testing of material properties (tensility, notched bar impact testing, ability to bend, hardness measurement, measurement of hardness penetration depth etc)
  • Functional testing of client jobs 
  • Counselling in connection with application of materials, fracture analysis, dimensioning of constructions, welding techniques etc.
  • Cases of procuring an expert opinion

Before sending the item to the laboratory, we recommend that you seek our advice and counselling on

  • How to take out the sample
  • What dimensions and size of amounts are needed?  
  • What information should follow the sample?
  • Are there special matters to consider?