Microbiological analysis for the documentation of safe and non-perishable food

Emma Bildsted Petersen

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Microbiological analysis for the documentation of safe and non-perishable food

Microorganisms are a challenge in food production. DMRI has many years of experience in counselling the food industries on microbiological challenges. 

  • Documentation of pathogenic bacteria is necessary in relation to regulatory requirements
  • Durability can be optimised by specific choice of preservation
  • Improved microbiological durability reduces complaints caused by tainting
  • By developing new products with e.g. lower salt content, there will be a need for documentation of microbiological safety and durability

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?
DMRI’s microbiological laboratory can provide accredited analysis of germ count and demonstration of specific bacteria in foodstuffs. We command both classical cultivation methods and molecular biological special analyses. We carry out microbiological special analyses and test the effects of preservation solutions. We organise sample extractions, we extract samples in client premises and provide counselling on the use of microbiological analysis results.

  • Detection of CFU counts e.g. aerobic bacteria, E. coli, Enterobacteriaceae, yeast and mould  
  • Examination of microaerofile and anaerobic microorganisms e.g. lactic acid bacteria and clostridium bacteria..
  • Detection of pathogenic bacteria, e.g. Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocolitica and Campylobacter.
  • Identification of lactic acid bacteria with DGGE.
  • Detection of norovirus with Real Time PCR
  • Effects of starting cultures in meat products
  • Contact tracing by bacterial typing
  • Counselling on microbiological quick methods versus reference methods
  • Assistance in streamlining laboratory operations in client laboratory
  • Assistance in preparing accreditation of the client laboratory