Neutron and X-ray services in pharma

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Neutron and X-ray services in pharma

At DTI, we enable material insights down to the atomic scale, crucial for therapeutic design and manufacturing optimization.

No more guessing - our team will provide you an empirical way to understand structure-property relationships by using small-angle scattering (coupled with Rheology or Contrast variation methods), diffraction, imaging, spectroscopy, element composition or x-ray chemical mapping.

Example of challenges that our team can support you to address

  • Formulation – Emulsions and polymers have characteristic nanostructures under given temperature, pressure, and shear conditions. We can mimic real-time manufacturing processes, and provide unique insights into the stability and monitoring of nanostructures and properties over time towards the final product.
  • Biological complexes interactions - We can explore particle size, shape and. interactions of biological complexes in solution under varying environmental conditions like pH, temperature, ionic strength etc. helping our clients to detect microscale instabilities before visual separation.
  • Stability - Phase transitions can affect the stability of the drug product. Some phases may be kinetically or thermodynamically more stable than others. We can characterize your product with a time frame of less than a second under controlled experimental conditions. This might be crucial to determine the presence of metastable regions essential for product stability over time.
  • Polymorphism - Different structures of the same compound (called polymorphs) may present different solubilities and dissolution rates. This can significantly affect the design of a new drug and their bioavailability in the body. Understanding complex protein structures, critical aggregation conditions and phase transition can help to promote the formation of the most effective polymorphic forms and hence better drugs design.
  • Drug design & molecular dynamics – Protein structures are yours to inspect down to the atomic scale to reveal crystallinity, water distribution and precise binding pockets. We can probe atomic motions vs. temperature or pressure in real-time, benefiting drug development to new product design.
  • Quality control, from design to delivery - Catch quality issues essential to ensure safety and reproducibility of your products efficacy. We design setups at neutron and x-ray facilities that allows the characterization of large volumes of samples for the quality control of products in High Throughput Screening (HTS) mode at any step of the value chain

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Our experts are always available to support you to assess challenges and solutions, from planning to results. We will fast-track your progress from early feasibility through commercialization while protecting your proprietary knowledge.

It's an x-ray and neutron vision well worth exploring – contact us today to bring your products to the market fast