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Online Courses FAQ

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What is an online course?
An online course is a programme that you take online on the internet. You take it on your computer or tablet with sound device and access to the internet. 

Why should I choose an online course?
There are several advantages of choosing an online course:

  • Easy and flexible: You can take the course wherever you want, whenever you want – and at your own pace
  • Save money: Online courses are cheaper than traditional attendance courses
  • Save time: You avoid spending time on transportation and accommodation
  • High quality: Our online courses have been developed by leading experts and instructors 
  • What do I get in an online course?

An online course consists of several modules. When you sign up, you will have access to the course for the next 365 days. From the summary menu you can choose the order in which you wish to go through the modules. The contents are explained through sound, pictures and text – and some modules contains short videos with scenarios and case studies. You choose when you want to take a course, and you can pause it during a session – bookmarks will keep track of how far you have progressed. 

Can I test myself on the online course?
Yes, each course gives you the opportunity to test your comprehension of the subject with tests before, during and after completing the course. 

Is certification included in the price?
Several of our online courses prepare you for certification, but the certification itself is not included. You can purchase the certification separately. Read more about certifications at Danish Technology Institute. 

How do I participate in an online course?
To take the online courses you will need a computer or tablet with sound device and internet access.

When you sign up for an online course you will receive an e-mail with a link to the online course and your login details. This gives you access to a web page with your Learning Plan, which contains the courses you have signed up for. To take a course you click on “Launch” and follow the instructions. You can also get an introduction to the functionalities and elements of the online course by selecting “Take the Tour” on the course start page. 

I am having login problems
If your link does not work or you are having problems logging on to the online course, please contact us at or by phone +45 72203000.

Can I share my login?
Your login access is personal and only you may use it. 

Which internet browsers can I use?
You can use most browsers, for example Internet Explorer (version 10 or more recent), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Some of the functionalities in the online course require that your browser allows pop-ups. 

Do I need headphones, headset, microphone or webcam?
All you need is headphones or speakers to hear the sound and video. Please note, that you have to adjust the sound level yourself. 

You do not need a microphone or webcam to take an online course. 

In which languages are the online courses?
All our online courses are in English. 

Can I get a receipt/documentation for completing an online course?
Yes, click on “Completion Status” in the course summary menu. Remember to allow pop-ups in browser. The status will open in a new window. Here you can select “Print Report”, and another window with your entire “Completion Status Report” will open. You can print it directly or “print” as a pdf-file and save to your computer. 

Do you have online courses in Danish?
Currently we have no online courses in Danish. But if you are a group of people that require one or more online courses in Danish, please contact us for an offer by phone +45 72203000 or email

Do you have other online courses?
We offer more than 7,000 different online courses on a large variety of topics. Contact us by phone (+45 72203000) or e-mail: and we will find a way to meet your needs. 

Can we purchase access for a group of people?
If your department, your entire company or just a couple of people require access to online courses, please contact us for an offer by phone +45 72203000 or email

How do I make the most out of the online course?
We recommend that you set aside time to take the course in a place where you will not be disturbed. You can schedule the time in your calendar and use the opportunity for repetition and taking comprehension tests.