Poultry Thigh Fix - Improving yield

Simon Nybo Johansen

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Poultry Thigh Fix

Poultry Thigh Fix - Improving yield

DMRI have developed an upgrade kit, Poultry Thigh Fix, that improves yield and minimizes bone fragments from the Stork/Marel MX and NT leg deboning lines. The yield is improved by 2-4%, and the prevalence of bone fragments is reduced by up to 50%. Poultry Thigh Fix consists of an improved shackle design and a flexible knife system, both patent applied, that improve the cutting of tendons around the leg.

CTO Michael Østedgaard from Scandi Standard states:

“Collaboration with DMRI is effective, and the agreed actions are implemented quickly. Scandi Standard has experienced an improvement of 2-4% in yields and a 50 % reduction in bone fracments from the upgrated Stork/Marel MX and NT leg deboning lines".

DMRI offer to upgrade your Stork/Marel MX and NT leg deboning line.

Please contact Simon Johansen for further information.