Process supervision

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Process supervision

Monitoring of chemical compounds and particles in gasses and liquids.

In complex productions, process supervision is essential for areas such as product quality, environmental impact and economy. There may be many reasons for supervising and measuring parameters in a production. The process may be subject to legal and safety requirements, or efficiency improvement and optimisation of existing production lines may be required. 

It may be advantageous to apply process supervision to measure the efficiency of individual part elements in a production or to test innovative products. In the same way, process supervision is applicable to units for separation, for conversion of chemical compounds or in chemical and biological filters which, by way of example, may be used to reduce odours. There are certainly also other possible applications. 

Bioengineering and Environmental Technology commands modern and mobile equipment for process supervision that can be set up in demanding environments for impartial documentation and uncovering of problem areas.

With this equipment, the development of interesting/problematic chemical compounds are constantly (online) being supervised over time, and both quantity and quality can be measured. Bioengineering and Environmental Technology commands both the necessary analysis tools and the relevant process chemical competences for measuring on gasses and liquids as well as particles and solid substances. The equipment applied is totally dependent on the problem area and ranges from low-cost sensors to advanced, highly-specific online technologies such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and spectroscopy.

At the same time, Bioengineering and Environmental Technology can assess the results by using advanced statistical data processing if necessary. 

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Impartial and neutral assessment of choice of press supervision equipment, including typical pitfalls.
  • Measurement of composition and concentration of problematic gasses in the production.
  • Measurement of the degassing of problematic, volatile compounds.  
  • Odour measurement, including olfactometry measurements.
  • Documentation and optimisation of odour reducing technologies.
  • Online measurement of airborne nanoparticles and microparticles. 
  • Analysis of flow in tanks and advanced circuits by use of tracers.
  • Be in charge of research and development projects within process supervision.