Project: Bin-Picker

Martin Mølbach Olsen

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Project: Bin-Picker

Danish Technological Institute, the Centre for Robot Technology has together with Scape Technologies recently submitted an application to the Advanced Technology Foundation concerning the project: 'Bin-Picker - the world's first off-the-shelf industrial handling robot’.

Today, many companies experience the very time consuming and economically demanding aspects of configuring and continuously adaptation of robots. The purpose of Bin-Picker is both to increase efficiency and flexibility and to give companies the opportunity to handle short product life cycles and adapt their production to customer needs.

"There is a great need," says Martin Mølbach Olsen, Technological Institute, the Centre for Robot Technology and continues: "the Bin-Picker robot must be able to find and seize various subjects - automatically."

Bin Picker 2The Bin-Picker project deals with collection and handling of cylindrical metal items, which are very massive and heavy. As a result, work is often very wearing as well as monotonous. The project is therefore also improving the working environment, which Martin Mølbach Olsen sees as an important aspect.

Last week Bin-Picker won one of the most recognized technology awards in Denmark, the Danish Newsmagazine Ingeniøren’s Product Award 2009. The Product Award is given to the company that has developed the best product based on technology focusing on the global market.

“Winning the Product Award is clearly a recognition of our Bin-Picker Product”, says Rune Larsen, CEO of Scape Technologies and continues:

“Bin-Picker focuses on new opportunities and aspects within flexible handling, which will both increase productivity and improve the work environment within most manufacturing companies.”                           

Besides Danish Technology Institut’s Centre for Robot Technology and Scape Technologies, the following partners are involved: DFT - Danish Pelagic Press Technologies, Technical Faculty - SDU, Engineering- , Natural- and Health faculties - Aalborg University and KUKA Nordic.