Safety model for dried meat products in DMRIPredict

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Safety model for dried meat products in DMRIPredict

The collection of safety models also includes the model for dried meat products. The model predicts the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and E. coli in the dried meat products based on a series of variables in the used recipe and process: 

  • Days: 1-365
  • Added amount of salt (NaCl) to recipe: 3.0-7.0%
  • Water in product: 60-75%
  • Added nitrite: Yes/No
  • pH of raw material: 5.30-6.55
  • Packaging method: Aerobic/Anaerobic
  • Weight loss over time: 0-35% for max. 365 days

The available temperature ranges are:

Constant: 10-30 °C

Dynamic: 10-30 °C for 1-365 days

The model output is growth or decay of the three pathogens, changes in water activity (aw), changes in salt concentration in the water phase (WPS), and a visualization of the temperature course throughout the chosen period.


DMRI Predict dried meat model





















Get free access to the model here 

The development of the model is financed by the Danish Pig Levy Fund.