Service Innovation / business models

Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann

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Service Innovation / business models

When you want to develop your business, find new revenue streams, and retain or attract new customers, you may consider developing new business models. There is a huge untapped potential when it comes to developing new services in Danish companies, and you can do something about it. Service is a key competitive parameter for all businesses, and you can use your knowledge of customers and products to differentiate your business through the development of new and supplementary services.

Danish Technological Institute has developed a method that covers all of the service activities in your company, and analysis on possible development of new or existing services.

Sharpen your company's service profile and business model – this can improve the user experience and your company’s bottom line. We can help you grow your business by developing a unique service business model and the quality of current services, and by identifying and incorporating new innovative services.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Achieve growth through targeted innovation and business development
  • Share knowledge of specific methods and tools to improve and develop new services
  • Help you sustain your customer relationships, build relationships and attract new customers by identifying the customers’ new requirements and use them as a launch pad to develop new service concepts
  • Attract new working relationships with other companies in the service innovation processes
  • Find and integrate the latest research into your service innovation.