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Solar energy - Services

Solar cells and solar heating can be used for a variety of purposes, such as heating of water for domestic use, but without the right guidance and knowledge, it might be difficult to make the most out of it. If your solar cell system does not perform as expected, is the quality of its componenets too bad, or have you found a mistake in the installation, you can ask us for help.

Counselling of private persons
Besides counselling local authorities, companies, investors and housing associations, we also help private persons with questions about and counselling of solar energy on common consultancy terms. For example, we can help you with guidance on how to energy efficiency measure your house and if you wish to install solar cells or solar heating in your house, we can help you finding the right solution. See the list of servces below or contact us via the contact formula on the right side og the page, if you have any queations. 

Get counselling about the application of solar energy
Are you a local authority, company, investor or housing association in need of counselling of solar energy and the use of solar cells, feel free to contact us in the contact formular on the right side of the page. Legislation and requirements including standards, norms and directions within the field of solar energy might also lead to different questions, which you are welcome to ask us further about. Read more about standards and legislation here.

Do you need an examination of a project or an estimation of an offer?
A Technical Due Dilligence (TDD) can, for example, contribute with a preliminary economic estimation, which is very useful before you carry out an investment in a system. TDD can also include an examination and estimation of tender conditions and incoming offers for larger solar cell projects. If you need advising on supply and preliminary project assessment and technical due dilligence (TDD), do not be reluctant to contact us. Read more about TDD here.

Quality assurance and testing - but why?
If you already have a solar energy system installed, it is highly recommended that you ensure a high quality. You do this by having the system controlled and the modules, inverters, tension quality, charging/discharging effeciency and battery capacity tested. It might also be a good idea to conduct laboratory and field measurement of for example solar cells. In this way, you make sure that the quality of both components, systems and installations is in order, together with discovering eventual faults. Find out more about quality assurance and testing here.

Do you need help with calculations?
Based on your specific needs, you can get help with service calculations with PVsyst (simulation tool) and development and design of calculation tools. If you like, you can dowload the calcution tool PVydelse here. In addition to this, you can also get help with calculating the reflection from reflecting surfaces, for example solar cells. Find more calculation tools here.

Learn more about solar energy
Moreover, as a facility owner, producer, energy consultant or governmental authority it is important to be updated on the latest news, developments and requirements within the use of solar energy, where a course in for example solar cell techniques for VE-electricians might be useful. The different courses within solar energy will update you on the most recent news and knowledge and help you with covering the possibilities for application of solar cells and solar heating. KSO courses are available too, which give you the opportunity for becoming a KSO-approved electrician, cf. KSO-Ordningen.

Interested in F&U activities?
At last, you can find us participating in national and international project collaborations with both small and big companies, organizations and governmental authorities. You can find an overview of our solar energy projects here. Do you have an idea for a project or wish to participate in one, you are more than welcome to contact us in the contact formular on the right side of this page.


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