SOLID: Hard materials in 3D

Jonas Okkels Birk

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SOLID: Hard materials in 3D

Multiscale 3D measurements based on neutron and X-ray imaging.

The ESS lighthouse SOLID has been established as an interdisciplinary initiative to develop and strengthen the Danish research applications of large-scale facilities regarding imaging with a special focus on ESS. SOLID focuses on visualizing and quantifying internal structures in hard materials in 3D and on all relevant length- and timescales. This will make a new generation of multiscale material models and the development of new tailored materials possible. The research projects in SOLID cover: bone structure and bioscience, defects in metals, flow models in geological materials, batteries and fuel cells, amorphous materials, and materials for cooling.

The role of the Danish Technological Institute in SOLID

In SOLID, DTI is engaged in the link between the research activities and potential industrial applications. A series of interviews were conducted with the researchers, where potential industrial applications were found. In the second half of the project, DTI will organize two industry workshops, where the SOLID associated Ph.D. students and researchers get the opportunity to present their results to the companies from the interest group and a wider group of companies.

Danish materials research in the world elite

For the first time, the leading groups within Danish materials research are gathered for a joint effort with a very ambitious agenda. The first goal is to create visualizations in 3D on all relevant length scales and link these to multiscale understanding and modeling.

The aim in the middle of the project is to introduce the "Materials design by computing" way of thinking, which will usher in a new era of development and competitiveness in Denmark.

In this way, the dream of designing hard materials using a computer can be realized for the first time and Denmark can be at the forefront of a shift in materials research within a wide range of fields from energy materials and metals to bone medicine and archaeology. This will constitute a research achievement and a historic innovation opportunity.

The environment around SOLID will be the largest imaging center of its kind worldwide. It is responsible for an instrument on DanMAX at MAX-IV, a European flagship initiative at ESRF and a regional data analysis center. It is deeply involved in the construction of the neutron instruments ODIN and BEER on ESS. This is complemented by the construction of a 950 m2 infrastructure at DTU, DANFIX, which ensures a unique position.

Facts about the project

The SOLID project runs from April 1st, 2020, to March 31st, 2025 and has a total budget of 78 million DKK. The project is granted as an “ESS lighthouse” and supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. All Danish universities are partners and have research activities within SOLID, while the Danish Technological Institute is responsible for the industrial activities.