Sustainable road infrastructure for the future

Ole Grann Andersson

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Sustainable road infrastructure for the future

Supporting tomorrow's society through innovation

A sustainable society begins with solid building blocks; roads, structures and other infrastructure that supports public and private needs for mobility, trade and social interaction.

At DTI, we embrace the future by creating new solutions to meet new challenges due to climate changes, resource scarcity or urbanisation.

Our vision is to build sustainable roads and structures that ensures health, economic growth and liveability for all.

We perform research and development for tomorrow, today.    

Why sustainable roads matter

Infrastructure is a ground pillar for a well-functioning society. Mobility is a prerequisite for private and public success in a global environment where the urban population grow by millions every year.

As society grow, infrastructure assets expand in size and value. To accommodate the increasing need for a road infrastructure in balance, it is critical to constantly develop sustainable, durable and long-lasting roads that accommodate the needs of infrastructure owners for construction, maintenance and operations. 

The road infrastructure must be adaptable. Not only to support traffic and mobility, but also to tackle climate changes and future scenarios with automated vehicles and platooning.

At the same time, our roads must meet standards for safety, comfort and durability, making travelling and transport safe and reliable. In other words, the roads of the future must provide several functionalities and support a sustainable society.

At the Danish Technological Institute, five key areas for sustainable roads have been identified:

  • A Sustainable road sector
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Noise Reduction
  • CO2 Reduction
  • Particle reduction