Technical Ceramics - What are they?

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Teknisk keramik

Technical Ceramics - What are they?

Technical ceramics are characterized by high temperature resistance, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. Therefore, they are often used in places where combustion takes place or in connection with corrosive environments.

Examples here can be reactors for high-temperature chemistry and combustion processes. Technical ceramics are also used for construction where properties such as high compressive and tensile strength or high abrasion resistance are needed.

The material can be used for filtration due to a greater resistance at high temperature and due to the good chemical resistance. In addition, there is a group of biocompatible ceramics that can be used as bone substitutes or for components to be implanted.

Finally, there are electro ceramics with properties such as high dielectric constants, which are piezoelectric, magnetic, or ionically conductive.

We offer advice on

  • The application possibilities of ceramic materials
    Including advice on when ceramics are suitable for a given application or whether other materials are preferable.
  • Manufacturing methods
    Ceramic components can be manufactured with different processes, depending on geometry and number of pieces. We guide you on the most suitable manufacturing method and are happy to help with the first process trials.
  • Error analysis
    Ceramic materials are more brittle than metals and plastics. Therefore, it is important to identify systematic errors in the manufacturing process.
  • Examination of raw material
    Including analysis of phase composition, crystal phases, elemental composition, hardness, breaking strength, corrosion resistance, crystallite, and particle size.
  • Design rules and raw materials
    Because of the special properties of ceramics, it is crucial that you choose the right design and the right raw material to begin with.
  • Advice on quality control
    We provide guidance on parameters and methods for establishing good quality control in production.
  • Product development
    If you have an idea for a product in which you think technical ceramics should be included, we are happy to help with our expertise. We naturally work with confidentiality about your thoughts and ideas.