Waste and recycling

Bodil Højland Lorentzen

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Affald og genanvendelse

Waste and recycling

Every day of the year, each Dane produces an average of 7 kg waste, which corresponds to approx. 13 million tons of waste on a national basis. We advise companies and authorities on the best and cheapest handling of different types of waste, including collection, handling and recycling of plastic, metals, electronic waste, hazardous waste, rubber, paper and construction waste.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Waste sorting for the purpose of economical and responsible disposal or recycling in terms of resources and environment
  • Design of manufactured goods with a view to recycling of worn-out products
  • Knowledge of materials
  • Handling of hazardous waste
  • Processing systems for all types of waste
  • Waste collection systems from companies and households
  • Statistics
  • Mapping tasks
  • Troubleshooting assistance – identification of cause and problem solving
  • Waste and e-learning
  • General consultancy on waste problems