Web-based self-assessment at garages works

Kristian  Eldam

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Web-based self-assessment at garages works

Since the beginning of 2007 all authorised Peugeot garages in Denmark have been using a web-based self-assessment system developed by the Danish Technological Institute. And experience shows that the Peugeot garages are using the results from the assessments to carry out real improvements. This in turn has resulted in fewer mistakes and more satisfied customers because the employees are motivated to do their best.

Webbaseret egenkontrol på bilværksteder virkerThe Danish Technological Institute drew on 30 years of assessment experience in providing a modern and effective web solution which gives a unique and directly serviceable picture of an individual garage’s and the individual employee’s productivity and quality.

- Management gets an overview of any weak links in the service processes in several departments and can inform all the personnel in a garage or have a quiet chat with an individual employee, explains Kristian Eldam from the centre for Automobile Technology at the Danish Technological Institute, adding that the system provides the basis for a practical and constructive dialogue about quality improvement.

- In our experience, the tool ensures that management and employees can learn from their mistakes and solve tasks right first time, explains Palle Borup, technical adviser at Peugeot Bilhuset in Taastrup. He goes on to say the fact that the Danish Technological Institute follow up and make sure the self-assessment is working in all the individual garages inspires confidence in the system.

The results can be compared with a particular car make’s bottom line and national results, and the self-assessment system itself can be used with a large number of the jobs that the garages carry out.

- I have come to realise that web-based self-assessment is a simple, easy and cost-effective alternative to extensive customer satisfaction surveys, says Palle Borup and continues: We get a quick response and can react straight away if a customer is dissatisfied. In the end it’s how satisfied the customer is that counts, so for us it’s crucial to get specific input about how we can become even better at providing the customer with the service they expect.

The Danish Technological Institute’s web-based self-assessment system ensures that all authorised Peugeot garages in Denmark can become even better at providing customers with the service they expect.