Bacterial treatment for compact plants and with increased ingredients

Anna-Catharina  Röper

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Kalanchoa planten i tre forskellige stadier

Bacterial treatment for compact plants and with increased ingredients

For an efficient pot plant production compact plants are needed, because only compact plants can be produced and transported in high density without damage from falling.

However, many plants cannot be produced compactly without the application of a growth inhibitors. These chemicals are toxic and harmful for the environment and humans, therefore, more and more growth inhibitors are forbidden and illegal in Denmark. Consumers are increasingly aware of production conditions, so many plant producers try to produce plants in an environmental friendly way, without use of chemicals.

This is why new techniques are needed to create compact plant varieties where plant breeding does not succeed.

Danish Technological Institute has developed a method to create compact plants with the use of the bacterium Rhizogenes Rhizobium. Treatment of plants with the bacterium induces new plants with compact growth traits.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Overview of newest knowledge about which plant species were already treated
  • Consultancy regarding treatment
  • Treatment with the bacterium and regeneration of the plant material


  • New biotechnological method. Kalanchoë with Knud Jepsen