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Biogas lab work at DTI


Worldwide increasing focus on optimal resource usage and fossil-free energy production is number one on the agenda. Production of biogas from waste products such as concentrated waste and process waters, by-products, manure, organic household waste and sewage sludge, are key parameters in obtaining a fossil-free society.

This requires extensive knowledge on biogas production and optimization hereof as well as insight in suitable biomasses to be used, mixes of biomasses, insight on potential inhibition compounds, and data on biomethane production (BMP).


Reasons to work with Danish Technological Institute

At DTI, we have well-equipped chemical and microbiological laboratories and a team of microbiologists, chemists and engineers who make it possible to test ideas and technologies.

We offer conventional biomethane potential measurements but can also test substrates, process conditions etc. in a semi-continuous scale, emission and odor measurements.

In addition, we have extensive experience with applications and project management of Danish and international research projects where we work in close proximity with the research environments at the various universities. Therefore, we are able to ensure the use of the newest research results within biogas by the companies.



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