Calibration of force, hardness and impact resistance

Lars H. Hudecek

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Calibration of force, hardness and impact resistance

The Force Laboratory

Measuring of force is essential for a number of industrial processes. To ensure the quality of the force measurements, it is crucial that the measuring equipment is calibrated.

The Force Laboratory at Danish Technological Institute performs accredited calibrations of various force measuring equipment. the Force Laboratory also performs accredited calibration of large complex testing machines at the customer's address.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

The Force Laboratory calibrates

  • Force transducers and load cells
  • Dynamometers
  • Hardness testers
  • Pendulum impact testers
  • Tensile/compression testing machines
  • Concrete testing machines
  • Hydraulic jacks

The Force Laboratory also offers consultancy

  • Use and maintenance of testing machines
  • Selections of measuring equipment for specific assignments
  • Calculation of measurement uncertainty

The Force Laboratory is closely related to

  • Danish Technological Institute's calibration laboratories with competences meeting your needs
  • Danish Technological Institute's other centres with experts ready to help you find solutions

Documented traceability

The laboratory is accredited by DANAK to perform all the above-mentioned calibrations. See reg. No. 200 for detailed specifications of the accredited ranges of measurement and the measurement uncertainty.


Additional calibration service

Danish Technological Institute's accredited calibration laboratories cover most of the metrological fields. Besides, we offer a wide range of courses and offer metrological consultancy such as calculation of measurement uncertainty.