Cases with microanalysis and imaging

Susan Rudd Cooper

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Close-up af coatet metalemne

Cases with microanalysis and imaging

We help a wide variety of clients with different challenges and tasks within microanalysis, imaging, nanocoating, and we also carry out case studies within these business areas.

Below you can find a selction of our cases that shows the range of our work and competences.

Grafisk modelCase: Topsil GlobalWafers A/S 

Danish Technological Institute helps Topsil GlobalWafers A/S prove their silicon quality with topography. Topsil is a world-leading supplier of ultrapure silicon, which is used to make energy-efficient power components used in wind turbines, high-speed trains, and motors.
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Close-up af nanocoatingCase: NIL Technology 

Specialist knowledge of nanocoating resulted in greater customer satisfaction for NIL Technology who had a challenge with the coating of their stamps. A collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute -  a leader in nanocoating in Denmark - now provides top-class coating.
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vitaminpille balanseret på et finger

Case study: Porosity in pharmaceutical products

The porosity of two over the counter (OTC) medicine tablets were investigated with micro-CT scanning, high-pressure mercury intrusion and gas adsorption techniques. The two OTC medicines, named OTC1 and OTC2, have the same purpose but OTC1 claims to have a faster effect.
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Sammenligning af tværsnit fra virtuelle pellets fra mikro-ct og HiP-CT

Case study:Pellets & phase contrast

In this case study, pellets were visualized by both laboratory Micro-CT and phase contrast tomography (HiP-CT, synchrotron source). With the addition of phase contrast, it's possible to distinguish between different types of organic material.
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3D visualisering af fisk, tværsnit

Case study: Soft tissue in small fish

In this case study, we used phase contrast tomography at the ESRF to image fish with unprecedented detail in the internal organs. The purpose of the investigation was to study the digestion of various experimental diets. With the three-dimensional tomography data, it's possible to study the digestion of experimental feed as it passes through the fish.
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