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The Climate Adaptation Lab

In the Climate Adaptation Lab (the Pipe Centre test facility), we carry out full-scale product development, test and documentation of all new and existing climate adaptation solutions and drainage products.

Currently, Danish municipalities and water utilities are facing a situation where they are passing from climate adaptation planning to implementation, and for this reason the municipalities and utility companies need technical recommendations for their product selection. Additionally, manufacturers can contact the laboratory to get their new or existing products optimized, tested and documented.

The Climate Adaptation Lab brings together years of experience with wastewater management and technical development and test of drainage products. We have more than 30 years of experience with tests, documentation and product development of drainage products and we carry out tests with a water flow rate of up to 60 l/s.

When products are subject to a European standard, we will test the products according to this standard. If the products are not subject to a European standard, we will develop a reproducible test before we test the product. A reproducible test means that we will get the same result under the same conditions.

The tests that we carry out in the laboratory are what makes the Pipe Centre unique. The Climate Adaptation Lab is the only facility, which can offer product development, test development and full-scale tests in a state-of-the-art accredited laboratory authorized by DANAK.

Where can the Climate Adaptation Lab contribute?
Do you have a product, which is close to manufacturable – but needs optimization? Or, do you have special requirements for the products you wish to use?

It is our experience that products that are considered ready for production can be optimized. 

By small modifications of influx, outlet, overflow, dividing walls, pump position etc., we are able to improve the efficiency of your product or the product you wish to use. In the short term, you will have to pay the expenses of a test – but in the long term, you will save money because your product, or the product you use, will be much more efficient. At the same time, you will be able to document its efficiency.

Do you have a new or existing product you wish to sell? How would you demonstrate that it really complies with the current requirements?

This is where we can help you! Let us evaluate your product and we will prepare a test cycle and a test report that demonstrates its specifications. 

Which product is best in a given situation?

Are you in a situation where you have to choose between several climate adaptation products and you have some doubts?  We can offer you a test of the products enabling you to study a fact-based comparison of products tested under the same conditions.

Water Brakes
Which water brakes are best suitable for your drainage system or for smaller waterways? We are ready to assist you with tests and documentation.

First Flush Products
In our test hall we can test flush products. The products are designed so that a certain percentage of the rainwater is diverted to first flush. The bypass function is optimized according to the requirements set out by your municipality.

Green Walls and Urban Gardens
We measure, test and optimize the distribution of water and hydraulic performance of your green walls and roofs, or your urban garden. 

External water conduits and cables in your drainage system? What are the implications? Test of capacity loss, flow and turbulence in connection with external water conduits (and pipes) in wastewater, rainwater and shared water pipes respectively. A new statutory order has been issued – what does it say? 

Reclaimed Water and rainwater harvesting
Many municipalities and water utilities are working towards supplying reclaimed water and harvested rainwater for e.g. car washing, toilet flushing, and clothes washing. We offer an inspection to identify the conditions for such services.

Purification of Reclaimed Water
Is it possible to develop, test and demonstrate a simple treatment technology that purifies reclaimed water before it is transported to consumers? We test and optimize your product in the Climate Adaptation Lab.

Water Quality
Before deciding how to treat rainwater from roofs or streets, it is necessary to define the required water quality. Many suppliers do not know the quality of the rainwater before treatment. The Pipe Centre offers a series of test to analyze the quality of your rainwater. 

What is the quality of road runoff? What is the quality of rainwater that has passed through a zinc gutter? 

On-Site Tests
Do you wish to verify the performance of your raingarden or filter trench? We offer to document both the hydraulic function and treatment efficiency of existing facilities. 

Faulty Connections
We offer a program to trace faulty connections in your wastewater network in collaboration with a contractor. We take general responsibility and are in charge of communication, planning and final evaluation.