Climate adaptation and Cloudbursts

Diana  Boje

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Klimatilpasning og monsterregn

Climate adaptation and Cloudbursts

The climate change puts pressure on the existing sewer systems which results in floods. Because of the larger quantities of rain and more frequent rainfall – referred to as “monster rain” in the press – there is a need for finding alternative solutions to managing rainwater instead of leading it directly down the sewer. Rainwater should instead be seen as a resource that is delayed, stored, seeped down, and evaporated. On the way, the rainwater can be used for e.g. recreational purposes, for enhancing biodiversity, for social purposes, or for heating/cooling. At the Pipe Centre we are engaged in promoting and developing existing solutions to managing rainwater as a resource.

 How can Danish Technological Institute assist you?

  • The impact of climate change on the sewer system
  • Information on new projects as well as on the current work in the partnership Water in Urban Areas (ViB – Vand i Byer)
  • Information on the innovation consortium Water Balance in Urban Areas (Byer i Vandbalance) – on the optimization of soakaway
  • What is Local Rainwater Drainage (LAR – Lokal Afledning af Regnvand)?
  • Which possibilities exist within the LAR, including soakaway, raised garden beds, green roofs, etc.?
  • How do you disconnect your rainwater?
  • How can you utilize the rainwater as a resource?
  • What is monster rain?
  • How important are the climatic factor in drainage technology?
  • The added value of LAR-solutions, including a project on soakaway with pipes for geothermal heating and our climatic concept on the management of rain in combination with energy