Climate envelope and energy - Thermography and tightness

Mads Borregaard Hansen

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Climate envelope and energy - Thermography and tightness

Draught discomfort, condensation, mould growth and problems with obtaining a pleasant room temperature may be the consequence of thermal bridges and insufficient air tightening of the building. By using thermography and tightness measurements, these problems can be localized thus enabling improvement.

Danish Technological Institute has the professional competences and extensive practical experience in localizing problems and subsequently presenting professionally correct proposals for improvement. 

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Thermographical Inspection and Localization of Thermal Bridges
  • Carrying Out of Tightness Tests and Inspections
  • Status Assessment and Damage Localization
  • Counselling on Tightness Planning
  • Counselling on “Thermal Bridge-free” Constructions


  • Tightness, draught discomfort and energy consumption
  • Thermal bridges and energy consumption
  • BlowerDoor