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Databases and Business Intelligence

Sign up for courses in SQL Server or Business Intelligence and improve your skills in databases and BI with the right courses and certifications.

At Danish Technological Institute you will find a wide selection of courses and certification options.

If you can’t find a course that suits your needs, please contact us and we will help you.

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DKK9,999 kr

Applied Data Science with Python

No. 90010 A
2 days course
Course/s coming up 1/3 2021
  • Taastrup
    1th to 2th March 202101/3 - 02/3 2021
  • Taastrup
    10th to 11th June 202110/6 - 11/6 2021
  • Aarhus
    2th to 3th September 202102/9 - 03/9 2021
  • Taastrup
    4th to 5th October 202104/10 - 05/10 2021
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Would you like to be able to predict key figures for your business? With Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms, it is possible to create highly accurate predictive models.
You will get a thorough introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning in Python, where focus will be on actual programming in Python and understanding the relevant methods and principles in Data Science. You will learn the basic libraries which are necessary to produce predictive models and you will get an introduction to supervised machine learning models and how these should be interpreted.

DKK14,999 kr

Applied Data Science with R

No. 90012 A
3 days course
Course/s coming up 22/3 2021
  • Aarhus
    22th to 24th March 202122/3 - 24/3 2021
  • Taastrup
    16th to 18th June 202116/6 - 18/6 2021
  • Aarhus
    6th to 8th September 202106/9 - 08/9 2021
  • Taastrup
    4th to 6th October 202104/10 - 06/10 2021
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Learn how to solve many commonly faced problems when applying R for Data Science and become an even more important part of your company. This course will introduce you to the most important Data Science tools in R to effectively solve many real life problems.
Data Science is an exciting field and the demand for people with skills herein only seems to increase as companies tend their focus to digitalization and data exploration. The goal of this three day course is to step through some basic tools for tackling a wide variety of Data Science challenges.