Development and optimization of metal components and constructions

Matias Oudal Rasmussen

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Bearbejdning af metalemne

Development and optimization of metal components and constructions

More and more companies demand material-optimized components and products - both to save on material costs in production, but often also to ensure that the components are as light as possible.

A challenge with material optimization is that there is a risk that critical components fail faster than otherwise intended, as higher stress will occur in the components than before. Here, it is important to ensure that the component is optimally designed with a view to the manufacturing method, load situation and material selection.
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Does your company develop and manufacture metal components or larger structures? Let the Danish Technological Institute's experienced consultants help you with sparring and advice in connection with material and construction engineering issues. We can help you optimize your product - and then test and document its quality.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Advice and sparring on material optimization of your components
  • Calculations and simulations that support your development work
  • Testing and documentation of your components
  • We ensure that you enter the market quickly with a solution that works in the first attempt.