Development of new green wood preservative

Lars Haahr Jepsen

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Development of new green wood preservative

Dyrup A/S and DTI have developed a new environment-friendly wood preservative based on natural minerals and other green raw materials from nature. The new water-based product GORI Nature carries the Nordic swan and the EU flower ecolabels.
Furthermore, all tests show that this product offers at least the same protection and lasts at least as long as the best products based on turpentine or solvents.

GORI Nature was launched in the autumn of 2011 as a result of the scientific project Development of the Wood Preservative of the Future.

- We aimed at ensuring that the new product has a quality identical to the existing wood preservatives in the market. To this end, we optimised the new technologies, says Gitte Sørensen, DTI Project Manager , who goes on to say that adding natural minerals ensures that the wood preservative has the properties needed to produce a high-quality result as regards gloss, hardness, covering capacity and weather resistance to UV light.

Excellent and lasting results
GORI Nature has been subjected to several physical and chemical studies and advanced analyses in DTI’s laboratory.

DTI made use of scanning electron microscopy to assess the film surface of GORI Nature. The microscopic images show that the product has a homogeneous surface resembling that of other high-quality commercial wood preservatives. The images also show that the surface of the environmentfriendly wood preservative generally looks smoother, which is an advantage because an extremely even surface resists dirt better. Senior Scientist David Löf from Dyrup A/S is convinced that GORI Nature marks the beginning of a new generation of wood preservatives.

- We have great expectations for the sale of GORI Nature – a product we would have been unable to develop from scratch so successfully without an excellent partner like DTI. With this project, we have broken new ground in our way of working. We have to validate our ideas and theories as we go, a requirement that our DTI partners can help us with thanks to their vast knowledge in the area and their portfolio of advanced tools, says David Löf from Dyrup A/S.
The project is financed by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

The experience that DTI gained in the Dyrup project extends far beyond the paints industry. The work with, for example, emulsion stability and ingredient substitution also has applications in fields as varied as cosmetics and foods or wastewater management
and slurry separation.