DPM Beef AI Surface Checker

Niels Toftelund Madsen

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DPM Beef AI Surface Checker

DPM Beef AI Surface Checker

Ensure easy removal of surface contaminations by using the AI Surface Checker vision system

A trained eye is needed to inspect the surfaces of large beef carcasses on the fly at the slaughter line. By digital process monitoring (DPM), the AI Surface Checker assists by pointing out even the smallest unwanted contaminations. Thereby the contaminations can be removed fast and efficiently.


AI Surface Checker offers

  • 2 camera system monitoring, e.g. both hindlegs
  • Detection of faeces and other contaminations (dark grease, dirt) to be removed
  • Low frequency of carcass re-inspections
  • Documentation and statistics of process errors for continuous improvement
  • Less operator fatigue
  • Consistent assessment of contaminations independent of operator
  • High level of food safety


Download the product sheet and learn more