Emission reduction

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Emission reduction

Danish Technological Institute have expert knowledge and competence within the field of emissions from combustion engines and after-treatment technologies. We perform measurements of emissions of particulates and gaseous emissions from vehicles and vessels.

The city's emissions
Cars are generally more environmentally friendly than earlier. However, especially modern diesel cars as well as buses and trucks still pollute with NOx and ultrafine particles. We have knowledge of how NOX problems are preventable and we can measure the ultrafine particles according to the car industry standards.

Ship’s emissions
Maritime transport is currently experiencing increasing demands for reducing emissions. It involves stricter sulfur emission requirements in SECA zones or IMO requirements for NOx reduction for new ship engines.
In the longer term, particulate matter, NOx, SOx and methane emissions (from LNG fuel) will receive greater focus. We offer detailed measurements of both gaseous and particulate emissions on board a ship, as well as assistance in installing filter solutions.

Natural gas for transport
Natural gas is an economical alternative to diesel fuel, with the possibility of environmental gains both on land and at sea. We offer advice on technology, environment and economy by converting to gas vehicles and gas operation on ships.

Particulate filters and SCR
We can test the effect of filters, scrubbers and catalysts for troubleshooting, documentation of effectiveness or as part of a development project. We perform tests in our own engine and vehicle laboratories, on-site and on-board vessels. Read more here

Gaseous emission measurements
We perform measurements of emissions of particulates and gaseous emissions from vehicles and vessels. Gaseous emission measurements are performed with the latest FTIR technology.

This includes detailed and precise characterization of unregulated emissions such as methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances. Particulate emissions are measured with a particle counter, which complies with all PMP (Particle Measurement Programme) requirements and the UNECE-R83.

We offer tests at chassis and engine dynamometers, on road or at sea. We perform compliance and comparative testing on emission control equipment, such as particulate filters and SCR catalysts.