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Energy & Construction Courses

Participate within Energy and Construction courses at Danish Technological Institute. We offer a wide range of courses in the energy and construction field - at all levels, so no matter what level you are on, we have a course for you.

Strengthen your skills and be a more valuable asset with courses in Energy and Construction. We guarantee teaching at a high level with our experienced teachers.

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DKK3,150 kr

High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2024

No. 91119 A
2 days conference
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
Industrial and high-temperature heat pumps play a central role in reducing GHG emissions associated with the supply of industrial process heat, and as the heat pump technology is expanded to higher supply temperatures, the motivation for replacing fossil fuel-based combustions grows.

DKK7,929 kr

Training Course - Refrigeration Plant with CO2, Theory and Hands-on

No. 27561 A
2 days course
Course/s coming up 18/3 2024
  • Aarhus
    18th to 19th March 202418/3 - 19/3 2024
  • Aarhus
    9th to 10th September 202409/9 - 10/9 2024
This two-day training course in refrigeration systems with carbon dioxide (CO2, R744) covers the basics of design, operation and maintenance of refrigeration systems with CO2. The training course combines theory and practice; the emphasis is placed on hands-on exercises of operating different CO2 based refrigeration systems mixed with high quality theory presentations, discussions and knowledge sharing among the course participants on their experiences with refrigeration systems and CO2 as a refrigerant.

DKK10,995 kr

Oilfield Microbiology

No. 90453 P
2 days course
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
This course aims to strengthen the participant’s ability to identify and manage microbial problems in oil production facilities. Through a series of lectures and exercises we cover the majority of microbiologically related issues from the Oil and Gas industry, including all from microbial corrosion over reservoir souring to system fouling.

DKK4,190 kr

Large-scale heat pumps for industry and district heating

No. 91285
1 day course
Course/s coming up 22/5 2024
  • Aarhus
    22th May 202422/5 2024
  • Aarhus
    19th November 202419/11 2024
Explore the possibilities of using large heat pumps for heat production in district heating systems and industrial plants. As a participant of this course, you will be introduced to the technical working principles of heat pumps, different heat pump types and technological potentials and limitations.