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FAQ – Virtual courses

You will find answers below to some of the questions that are frequently asked on our virtual courses. If you can't find the answer to your question here, you are very welcome to contact us by phone: +45 72 20 30 00 or kurser@teknologisk.dk.

What is a virtual course?
You participate in a virtual course via the internet, from your own computer. The course is taught live, with instructors, and you can ask questions, participate in group work and discussions, and do hands-on exercises.

Will I have the chance to ask questions along the way?
Yes. Since the course is taught live, you will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

How is group work conducted on a virtual course?
Group work will often be done in “breakout rooms”. You work on group assignments with other course participants, and the instructor visits each group in turn to provide help.

In which language are the virtual courses held?
The course language and materials vary from course to course. You can see the course language in the course description.

Are there any tips before I join a virtual course?
Yes, we have made a list of six tips:
  • Make sure you switch off your phone and email.
  • Have a pen and paper at the ready and make sure you have something to drink.
  • It can be a good idea to raise your monitor slightly when you are in a virtual meeting. This ensures the best video quality. It also gives you the feeling that you are sitting at the same level as the other participants. You could, for instance, stand your monitor or laptop on a couple of stacked books.
  • Mute your microphone while you are listening. And don’t forget to switch it on when you have something to say!
  • Nod clearly if you agree or use “reactions” in the chat function to give a thumbs up.
  • The course will be more inspiring and meaningful if you contribute, so by all means ask questions and give examples from your daily life, either using the microphone or the chat function.

Do I need to have a webcam switched on during the teaching sessions?
Yes, we encourage you to have your webcam switched on. In our experience, you will get the most out of the course if you are on webcam.

How do I join the actual teaching session?
All you need is a computer. Before the course begins, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the virtual course. We usually use Teams or Zoom. There is no need to download the app, you can join from your web browser.

How do I get the course materials?
Course materials are available on our online materials platform OneDrive. Any printed course materials will be sent to your address in advance.

Are virtual courses recorded?
No, the virtual course will not be recorded.

Holding virtual courses via Zoom
Learn more about how to participate in a Zoom Meeting.

NB: You can join by logging in via your browser (Google Chrome). Then you won’t need to download the program to your computer.

Holding virtual courses via Microsoft Teams
You can choose to participate via the Teams app or via your browser. If you decide to join via a browser, we recommend Google Chrome. Make sure your browser allows third party cookies.

If you are participating via your smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the Microsoft Teams app first. You don’t need a Microsoft Teams account to participate. You can choose to join as a guest.

Learn more about participating in a Microsoft Teams Meeting or Microsoft Teams Live Event.

Requirements for internet browsers
Most browsers are suitable. However, we have good experience of working with Google Chrome. Cookies can disturb a webinar, so if you have problems with one browser try a different one.

Will I need sound – either speakers or headphones?
Yes, we recommend headphones but you can easily use your computer’s speakers. Headphones usually have a built-in microphone, and this can be an advantage if you want to ask the instructor or the other participants questions.

How do I ask the instructor questions?
You can either ask the instructor a question directly by switching on the microphone, or you can use the chat function. When the course begins, the instructor will give a brief introduction to how to ask questions during the course.

There’s no sound!
If you can’t hear the instructor when the course begins, please:
  • Check that you have not muted your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Turn up the sound on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Check – via the computer’s control panel – which channel the sound is set to play through (e.g. a headset or the computer’s speakers).