Field trials - organic and inorganic fertilizer

Rikke  Jensen

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Field trials - organic and inorganic fertilizer

If fertilizer product is used effectively it will at the same time benefit crop yield, environmental and economic interests. Danish Technology Institute can help finding the optimal strategy for your fertilizer product.

We have the equipment

We have at 6 tonnes slurry tanker equipped to spread slurry with trail hose or soil injection. Stirring in the tanker will ensure good mixing when additives are added. It is also possible to lower the pH by adding acid during spreading. Effect of acidification are controlled by measuring the pH in the slurry string.

To place liquid fertilizer optimal to the crop row we have a specialized system with the possibility to shift between up to 3 diff erent products with separate fl ow meter just by changing the setup of the computer. With our selfpropelled sprayer, we can also spray liquid fertilizer in developed crop.

We know the process

To make a successful test of any fertilizer product or strategy it is of great importance to have a durable protocol. We have the experience in every step of the fi eld trial process.

We cover the whole process or part of the process

  • Select fields with the right conditions for your field trial incl. soil type, cultivation history and climate 
  • Management of field trials and registrations during the growth season 
  • Sampling of soil and plants for analysis during the growth season
  • Spreading liquid or granulated fertilizer with specialized equipment in the crop row or wide spread 
  • Spreading slurry by soil injection or trail hose. The slurry tanker is fitted with a stirrer that makes it possible to add additives or acid during application
  • Registration and measurements eg. EM-38, NDVI, photos 
  • Yield determination and quality analysis of yield
  • Data collection, statistical analysis and presentation of results