Filtration on a pilot scale

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filtrering biofermentering i pilot

Filtration on a pilot scale

Membrane filtration is a method used for purification or concentration of a liquid and is a typical process after fermentation.

The filtration process is carried out using a technique called crossflow filtration, where the liquid to be separated flows through a membrane in a loop, creating a pressure. This pressure then pushes molecules smaller than the given pore size through the membrane wall.

Our pilot membrane filtration system

Our membrane filtration system (MM C7 system) is an easily usable pilot membrane unit for microfiltration and ultrafiltration tasks. It can test various applications such as fractionation, purification, and concentration of molecules and can be equipped with different types of modules for testing purposes.


Intended use

Liquid food products and aqueous solutions

CIP tank volume

35 l

Working pressure

~0.5 - 5bar

Working temperature

5 - 80 °C (limitations due to membrane possible, heating/cooling water required)

Feed pump flow rate

Batch operation: ~1 - 4 m3/h @ 5bar

Circulation pump flow rate

Up to 40 m3/h @ 2 bar

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

The filtration system is part of the Danish Technological Institute's Biosolutions Technology Center, where we offer laboratory and pilot testing in the field of biorefining and biofermentation. Our equipment is often involved as a subprocess in the development of innovative products - either in research and development projects or in direct collaborations with companies.

It is also possible to perform a single filtration test on a specific biomass, and we also offer lease production over longer periods.

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