Food Safety Management Tool

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Food Safety Management Tool

Food safety depends on several factors on and around the slaughter line during a busy working day. It can be difficult to identify all the risk areas and to implement the required corrections and optimisations.

Using the Food Safety Management Tool, we will provide you with an overview of the critical areas on the slaughter line. We will point out the critical areas (including equipment) based on a systematic evaluation of the hygiene level during production and the quality of the performed cleaning between production hours. We guide you through the needed improvements of identified critical areas.

We will train key personnel in the use of the Food Safety Management Tool, so you can maintain an overview of the production hygiene and cleaning quality, and thereby maintain a high level of food safety.

You can use the Food Safety Management Tool for:

  • Controlling pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella
  • Improving the hygienic level and thereby obtaining a longer shelf life of your fresh meat products

How we work:

  1. Survey of the production line during production hours
  2. Survey of the performed cleaning (during cleaning)
  3. Identification of critical areas
  4. Prioritising critical areas and development of an action plan
  5. Guidance and advice on corrections and optimisations
  6. Train key personnel in the use of the Food Safety Management Tool
  7. Start the implementation of corrections and optimizations