Function and fatigue testing of metal - Get help from our specialists

Otto Lundgren Hejgaard

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Testopstilling af metalemne

Function and fatigue testing of metal - Get help from our specialists

Are you in doubt about whether your product can withstand the loads it is exposed to? Or do you need unbiased documentation of the function, strength or durability in accordance with international test standards? Then the Danish Technological Institute can help you.

Function testing

With our DANAK accredited testing laboratory, our testing engineers and specialists can ensure that your products meet the specifications - both your own and those of your customers. We can assist you in developing and establishing the most intelligent and cost-effective test method for your needs. We also provide sparring regarding material selection and construction in the design and development phase.
See our accredited tests

We can load your parts in functional tests with static, dynamic or combined static/dynamic mechanical forces or moments. The part size is from millimeters to 20-foot containers, with forces from a few Newtons to 1000 kN, in our large indoor test hall or on-site at your location.

Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Tailored function tests of entire products or product components
  • Independent documentation of material and product quality, e.g. on goods imported from the East
  • Guidance on materials applications, fracture analysis, dimensioning of constructions, welding technique, etc.
  • Accredited testing of material properties (tensile tests, impact test, bending tests, hardness measurements, etc.)
  • Expert opinion on test clarification

See an example of a test in the video below

Fatigue testing

As a manufacturer of steel structures and components, it is important to consider how your material performs in terms of fatigue. Many accidents and construction defects occur due to fluctuating loads over a long period of time. This can be relevant both in relation to the material itself - but especially in connection with welded and bolted joints.
Function test contributed to FDA approval

The design of steel components also has a lot to say about resistance to fatigue fractures - sharp corners, artifacts from machining, and stress concentrations in the components all contribute to increasing the risk of fatigue fractures during the life of the component.

At the Danish Technological Institute, we have many years of experience in preparing SN curves for a wide range of materials - and in performing fatigue tests on bolts and welded joints. Do you need to know or document your product's resistance to fatigue failure? Then you are very welcome to contact our experienced consultants.

Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Fatigue testing of components and materials with loads up to 500 kN.
  • Adaptation of customer-specific test setups to uncover fatigue problems
  • Advice and sparring aimed at assessing the service life of metal components in relation to fatigue.