Hard-wearing materials for extreme environments

Anne-Lise Høg Lejre

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Hard-wearing materials for extreme environments

We are in the midst of a major breakthrough in international research in nano-structured and nano-enhanced materials. The Danish Technological Institute has therefore joined forces with a number of international partners to develop hybrid nanocomposites and multiphase nanocomposites.


The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation has chosen to support a new innovation consortium ’Extreme materials for extreme environments - Materials for the Future’. This consortium is to develop a new generation of materials that must increase the output and durability of products exposed to heavy loads due to extreme thermal impact or massive physical and mechanical impact.

The outcome of the project is expected to benefit companies producing high-end products and components. These products and components must work in extreme environments such as satellites, space probes, aircraft and helicopter components, masts for racing yachts, offshore applications and blades for wind turbines.

The maker of wind turbine blades LM Glasfiber will benefit from the development project since the requirements for wind turbine output and durability are considerable and the blades must be maintenance free.

Another example is Xperion ACE A/S’s production of components for satellites and space probes. The requirements for product quality, strength/weight relation and durability are high.

Aircraft and helicopter components such as wings, tails, suspension and engine parts also require strong and durable materials.

Danish Technological Institute, the Technical University of Denmark, the Aalborg University and a number of company partners have joined forces to develop new and ‘extreme’ hybrid nanocomposites and multiphase composites. The company partners include Danfoss A/S, LM Glasfiber, Xperion ACE A/S, Terma A/S, Uponor A/S, Barsmark A/S, NKT Cables A/S and SP Group A/S.

At the same time, the EU Commission has subsidised the ’Nano-tough’ project under the Seventh Framework Programme, involving research into developing nanocomposites for the European motor industry. The consortium coordinator is the Aalborg University. Danish Technological Institute and the Technical University of Denmark are project partners.