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Heat pumps - Services

As manufacturer, supplier or importer of heat pumps, there is a great deal of things to be aware of. Does your heat pump live up to European standards, or are you doubtful whether your newly developed heat pump is efficient enough? There are many potential pitfalls if you do not get the right guidance and knowledge. Below, you find a list of the services that we can help you with at Danish Technological Institute.

Do you need an accredited test?
There are many advantages of getting your heat pump tested in an accrecited laboratory, such as guarentee that your heat pump delivers on its promises, and that it lives up to the valid requirements and current standards. The test measures the efficiency, performance and sound power level of the heat pump, and it is carried out by a third party and independent laboratory. The test laboratory at Danish Technological Institute is among the most modern and advanced in the world, and it is provided with the ability to test all kinds of heat pumps and airconditioning systems. You can read more about test of heat pumps here.

Be assisted in the development of your new or existing system or product
The market for heat pumps is constantly changing, and new and more intelligent ways of producing heat pumps are often invented. Maybe you have come up with an idea for a particularly energy efficient or less noisy heat pump but are in doubt about how it should be produced or how the components are combined? We have the competencies to assist you in this process, but we can also make our test facilities available, if you wish to develop your heat pump on your own. Read more about the Heat Pump Laboratory here .

If you, on the other hand, wish to develop and optimize your existing system or product to make sure that it lives up to the new energy requirements in the building regulation and eco-design directive, we can help you solve this task as well. Read more about standards and legislation here.

Get your large scale heat pumps and chillers tested on-site
Large heat pumps and chillers are often used in installations with many yearly operation hours, which provides the potential for achieving significant savings by optimizing the performance of an unit. Are you a manufacturer of a large scale heat pump or chiller for process cooling and airconditioning, you now have the opportunity to get your units tested on-site at Danish Technological Institute. The test can be adjusted according to your neds, depending on whether you wish to get the performance of your system and its potential for optimizing tested, or to find out whether the system lives up to its documentation.

Do you need help with measuring noise?
Noise in combination with the roll-out of heat pumps is a growing challenge. It is caused by the fact that the consumers might be reluctant to buy a heat pump if the noise level is too high. Danish Technological Institute have a laboratory for measuring noise after current international standards at its disposal and can offer you guidance based on knowledge of optimuum design etc., which can reduce the noise from a given heat pump system.

Improve your skills as electrician and counsellor
As electrician and consellor of heat pumps, it is important to be updated on the recent development, techniques and requirements within the use of heat pumps. The different courses within the field of heat pump technology can update you on the latest news and knowledge and can be a part of improving your competencies, so that you become better at installing heat pumps and advising.

Get counselling of standards and legislation
It can be difficult to maintain the overview of the legislation and standards for heat pumps, because they continuosly change. Nevertheless, it is an important area to be updated on. Are you doubtful whether your product complies with the energy requirements, which rules exist for setting up heat pumps or something completely different, you are welcome to contact us. We can help you with counselling of both national and international legislation, documentation of foreign approvals and also new standards within the field of heat pumps. Read more about standards and legislation here.

Membership of VPO - the union for heat pumps
The union for heat pumps (VPO) is a quality assurance unit for heat pump electricians, which offers a proffesional collaboration between electricians, plumpers and refrigeration servicemen, who all work with installation and servicing of heat pumps for private persons. Danish Technological Institute runs the general office for VPO. The advantages of being a member of VPO is that you can use VPO's quality mark, and you get a basic course with necessary basic knowledge of heat pumps electricians and a bunch of tools you can use in the daily work. You can read more about the union here.


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