Innovation and cooperation with DMRI

Bjarne Ole Sigtryggsson

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Innovation and cooperation with DMRI

DMRI develops solutions to automate and robotise manual processes in the meat industry with a view to improving working conditions, reducing overall costs and improving quality. Our focus is on the pig meat industry as well as the beef and poultry sectors.

If you don’t have an idea, we’ll think of one!

Either our customers and partners have their own ideas which they would like us to develop, or, alternatively, we provide the basic methods and our partners finalise the product and bring the new equipment to the marketplace.

Cooperation with DMRI will provide you with profitable new solutions and new technology

When you team up with DMRI, you can expect to get the following in return:

  • Agile development processes
  • Innovative and solid automation solutions  
  • Extensive test capabilities in meat production and pilot plant
  • Eliminated development risks
  • Increased Return On Investment

We are always looking for partners who want to cooperate and find new profitable ways to innovate and improve business in the meat industry.