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Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann

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Innovation training

Innovation training
We believe that having an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset is one of the key competencies that will make people and organizations become strong value creators. In Sir Ken Robinson’s words: “This creative mindset is something you practise, not a talent that you are born with.”

In our strive to train, transform, and facilitate the growth of an innovative mindset and creative confidence for both individuals and organizations we embrace the whole innovation process; from initial idea development, over idea validation to final idea commercialization and implementation.

Customized process
Our approach is to customize our innovation techniques to the individual organizational culture we meet in each task and adapt to the specific challenges and creative opportunities. The key motivation is to enable and ensure innovation through a customized process based on the wide knowledge we have gained from years of experience.

Our approach is highly practical and we apply hands-on and user-centered innovation methods in all our projects - whether we engage in private companies, the educational sector, or the public sector. A quick look into our toolbox reveals quantitative and qualitative techniques, hands-on prototyping, anthropological and user-centered approaches, business modelling, and service development. An inbuilt benefit of our approach is that our methods are generic.

Our fabrication laboratory (Fablab TI) supports our hands-on training approach. The Fablab plays an integral part in our training and enables us to work with tangibility of ideas and quick validation tools to enable faster iteration cycles and fast failure.

Export of our innovation training methods
We have vast experiences in innovation training and capacity building both nationally and internationally.

Read more about our innovation methods here.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Training courses that support innovative processes of companies, NGOs, and public organizations
  • Innovation elements in existing training courses
  • Training of facilitators and managers and creation of innovation systems
  • Focused processes covering creation, development, protection, implementation, and marketing of ideas