Insects - 1. Production

Jonas Lembcke Andersen

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Insects - 1. Production

Insects are a potential source for conventional production (mini-livestock) of protein, either for direct human consumption, or indirectly in recomposed foods (with extracted protein from insects); and as a protein source into feedstock mixtures. Production of insects is a new area of husbandry, which has been evolving quickly during the last few years. In general, insects are relatively easy to keep, but requires a good understanding of the insect biology and certain degree of optimization in order to ensure high performances and stable production outputs.

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) focuses on improving and applying the knowledge about insect biology for optimizing the breeding and rearing of insects and opening new sustainable prospects for this fast-growing industry. We have a strong professional team with skills in breading and rearing of Hermetia illucens (BSF) and Tenebrio molitor (Mealworm), which can help you either establishing or optimizing your insect production, and thus, helping you becoming more competitive within this fast-growing industry.


Danish Technological Institute offers:


Insect Feeding Services

  • Screening of feed components
  • Development and optimization of feed mixtures for breeding of insects
  • Development and optimization of feed for rearing of insects


Insect Breeding Services

  • Optimization of reproduction
  • Genetic adaptation and selection strategy


Insect Production Consultancy

  • Online/ Onsite consultancy
  • Verification and validation of production
  • Business modelling


Insect Production Monitoring 

  • Environmental and GHG monitoring
  • CFD modeling
  • Optimization of production parameters


Insect Technology Design

  • Development of new and optimization of existing equipment
  • Validation of performances and production setup
  • Development of sensory technology


Insect Protein Technology

  • Identification of protein in feed for insects or in insect products
  • Protein quality assessment
  • Advanced analyses of functionality of insect feeds and insect products