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365 days online course

Introduction to Testing

Introduction to testing, as an on-demand course, is a tailored program for those who are involved with testing and desire an increased understanding of how to effectively work with testing and quality assurance.


You will gain fundamental knowledge within software testing with the following outcomes:

  • Understanding of how IT systems are generally developed and what an overall IT landscape looks like.
  • Insight into what testing is and why we test.
  • Familiarity with different testing roles and how they contribute to testing and quality.
  • Learning basic testing processes, so you know when to perform which activities.
  • Training in creating effective test cases using various testing techniques.
  • Understanding of test planning.

Target Audience

Our online on-demand course, Introduction to Testing, is for those who want to learn more about working structurally with testing and quality. You may either be new to the testing field or have a role where testing and quality assurance are not your primary tasks. The course is suitable for anyone who needs a general understanding of what testing is, why it's important, and how to work effectively with it.

Your profile could be, for example:

  • Developer
  • Project manager or Scrum Master
  • Business representative (Product Owner, Business Analyst, or similar)
  • Business tester or temporary tester on a project.
  • Manager

Course Format

The course is an on-demand program, providing you with full flexibility to take the course, or parts thereof, exactly when and where you want. You can skip lessons you already understand, delve into our additional materials on areas you find relevant, or revisit videos when needed for a specific task.

The course includes the following:

  • 8 hours of video – Small videos ranging from 3 to 15 minutes.
    - The course consists of both general and overarching videos relevant to everyone, as well as specific modules based on roles, development models, and tools, delving deeper into the specific topic.
  • Digital exercises and tasks along the way, including:
    - Reflection exercises
    - Quizzes
    - Digital tasks
  • Free Online Live Q&A Sessions with instructors – Here, you can ask about anything from theoretical exercises and understanding of theory to getting tips and tricks on how to implement it in practice.
  • Includes templates and checklists for everyday use.

Course Content

The course is a good way to get started with professional testing and quality assurance, and includes:

  • Introduction to IT system development
  • Overview of test types and levels
  • The testing process
    - Planning and follow-up
    - Test design - Basic testing techniques
    - Execution and reporting - Defect handling
    - Test project closure
  • Risk-based testing
  • Review


7-8 hours of video, plus exercises and tasks. The total time commitment for the entire course will be approximately 10 hours.

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