Laboratory Services dedicated to Oil and Gas Industry

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Laboratory Services - Oil and Gas

Laboratory Services dedicated to Oil and Gas Industry

DTI provides a large number of chemical and microbiological analyses relevant for the oil industry. Our laboratory is certified to ISO 17025 by DANAK and meets the highest quality requirements.

Our experienced laboratory technicians use conventional and state-of-the-art equipment and can conduct all kinds of standardized analyses. It is also possible to hire educated and qualified laboratory technicians for temporary work offshore and onshore.

Furthermore, Danish Technological Institute provides customer-specific solutions to the industry in general which allow us to solve challenges of all kinds. Contact us, and together we will find the best analysis strategy to solve to answer your questions.

The chemical analyses include but not limited to the identification and quantification of hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, ions, heavy metals and acids.

Microbial analyses span from culture to DNA-based and will provide you with a quantification and assessment of the microbial load in your system, efficacy of your mitigation strategy, and identification of microbial groups connected to corrosion.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Chemical and microbiological analyses of water, solids and spool
  • Microbial influenced corrosion assessment
  • Laboratory technicians for temporary work at the client’s facilities
  • Conventional and advanced core and tracer analysis
  • Physical properties and composition of produced water
  • Characterization of oil samples and scale samples
  • Conformance of production chemicals and quantification of active components