Mass-produced passive houses in Denmark

Mette  Glavind

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Mass-produced passive houses in Denmark

Danes can look forward to living in new types of energy-efficient terrace houses.
Danish Technological Institute heads the development project SUNSHINE HOUSE, which is to kickstart the manufacturing of passive houses in Denmark.


The first versions of the new energy-efficient concept comprise twelve industrially manufactured, two-storey terrace houses. The houses will be ultra-insulated and observe the requirements for passive houses.

- In addition, the houses can be heated directly from the ventilation air and need no heat from radiators, explains Centre Manager Anders Thomsen from New Industrialisation at Danish Technological Institute.

The first, new energy-efficient terrace houses in Denmark will be located in the beautiful, rolling landscape of south Kolding. In style, design and choice of material the terrace houses must be based on the Danish tradition of low-rise terrace houses.

Nordicom A/S, Danish Technological Institute and The Knowledge Centre for Industrial Building (VIB) are behind the SUNSHINE HOUSE initiative. The aim is to give the stakeholders in Danish construction various Danish and international proposals for a contemporary, prefabricated, extreme low-energy terrace house that can be mass-produced for commercial purposes in the future.

Another aim is to disseminate knowledge gained to all construction stakeholders and thus raise awareness of energy-efficient construction and create development potential for the building material industry in terms of system products and system deliveries.