Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery - MEOR

Ketil Bernt Sørensen

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Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery

Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery - MEOR

Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) is a biological based technology to improve the recovery of oil from a reservoir and increase economic profits.

DTI Oil & Gas support our clients during the full life cycle of an MEOR project: Aquiring the necessary understanding of microbial growth and activity in the reservoir, development of a technology for the specific field in question by combining laboratory tests, field data and theoretical desktop evaluations. We have extensive laboratory facilities to support this work, including core flooding equipment, a comprehensive chemistry laboratory, facilities for culturing and testing of anaerobic microorganisms, quantification and characterization of microbial populations by molecular microbiological methods, and various bioreactors. Following this, we assist in transferring the technology to the field, including documentation of mechanisms and effect, risk management etc.

Our core competence in regard to MEOR are

  • Detection and selection of relevant microbes for use in MEOR
  • Manipulation of reservoir microbiology by adding growth substrates
  • Core flooding for simulating reservoir conditions during MEOR evaluation
  • Testing, verification and evaluation of MEOR effects in state-of-art laboratories
  • Monitoring of subsurface microbial populations
  • Mapping of subsurface water flow with tracers

Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your MEOR project.