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Microencapsulation, drying and stabilization of food ingredients

Mia Fiilsøe Falkeborg

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Microencapsulation, drying and stabilization of food ingredients

Danish Technological Institute cooperates with the food industry and universities to develop new products and processes as well as to troubleshoot existing products. Through focused research and development projects new generic technologies are build which subsequently are made available to small- and medium sized enterprises.

If you need consultancy regarding powder stability, drying of ingredients, improving stability or other changes to powder properties – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What can Danish Technological Institute do for you?

  • Encapsulation of actives compounds in emulsions or liposomes
  • Surface modifications of powders to achieve faster dissolution, improved dispersion properties etc.
  • Stabilisation of labile active compounds towards light or oxidation
  • Characterisation of the physical properties of loaded particles
  • Characterisation of release properties of encapsulated actives


  • Spray drying of small batched in pilot scale (ca. 1-300 g)
  • Spray chilling of small batched in pilot scale (ca. 1-300 g)
  • Fluidized bed coating of powders (samples of 10-100 g)
  • Lyophilisation