New materials from fibrous biomass

Anne Christine Steenkjær Hastrup

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New materials from fibrous biomass

New materials from fibrous biomass

The Danish Technological Institute offers pilot facilities for up-scaling of fractionation and extraction processes for useful polymer, proteins and fibre fractions from biomass.

To assist in the development of your business, the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) has installed pilot scale facilities for up-scaling the extraction processes for useful polymer and fibre fractions from biomass, and assessment of their properties in end use applications.

The facilities are useful to, e.g.:

  • Processors of biomass (including biorefiners)
  • Producers of sustainable material
  • Pulp-moulding actors

The experts at  Wood Technology and Biobased Material develop combinations of dry and wet processing for fractionation of biomass to make new, added value, functional products. These are typically polysaccharides (as thickeners, texturants), lignins, proteins (for food, feed, glues etc.), and functional cellulosic fibres (for pulp moulding, or basis for nanofibres). We offer pilot facilities and testing that help develop all parts of the process chain: dry and wet-fractionation, enzymatic hydrolysis, separation and extraction, demo pulp moulding/forming, adhesion. DTI can help you design and demonstrate a process adapted to your needs and the available raw materials, and supply demo materials for customer assessment.

Pilot facilities at the Danish Technological Institute

  • Connected hammer and disc mills (10 to 1,000 kg per hour) and sieving to produce fines-free fibre fractions (eg from straw)
  • Stainless steel, temperature controlled two-tank system - 800 L batch capacity - interconnected with wet mill and/or refiner - for wet enzymatic fractionation of biomass and fibre refining
  • Resignation loop for mixing fibres, glue, fire retardants, composites etc.
  • Plant for producing fibres for pulp moulding (eg straw cellulose), including demo moulds and testing