Production of insects

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Production of insects

Production of insects is a new area of husbandry, which has been evolving quickly during the last few years. Insect production is a broad concept since more than two million species of edible insects exist, and the best production practice depends on the species of insects. At Danish Technological Institute, we mainly focus on three species of insects: Hermetia Illucens (Black Soldier Fly) and two species of darkling beetles – Tenebrio molitor (Common mealworm) and Alphitobius Diaperinus (the lesser mealworm or Buffalo larvae).

In general, insects are relatively easy to keep, but many factors must be investigated to ensure production stability and output. The Danish Technological Institute focuses on improving the knowledge about insect biology and relevant automation technologies. Until now, most of the daily handling has been done manually and is very labor-intensive. By using the right technology, the time spent on feeding and sorting can be decreased making the production system more cost-effective.

The knowledge about mealworm biology is another key parameter in the optimization of insect production.
This includes an improved understanding of insects’ health and their nutritional requirements when kept at production facilities as well as a better understanding of reproduction parameters and physiology.

Danish Technological Institute offers

  • Investigating of resources (e.g. waste products) as feeding substrate for insect-production.
  • Biological and mechanical process optimization and automatization at lab- and pilot scale.
  • Legislation clarification and regulatory requirements (feed, food, nonfood).