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Quality, Food & Environment Courses

Strengthen your skills within the field of Quality, Food and Environment with a course from Danish Technological Institute.

Our courses are always updated with the latest knowledge in the different areas.

We always guarantee teaching at a high level with experienced teachers, no matter which course you choose to attend.

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VAT is not included.
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DKK3,025 kr

Nordic Seaweed Conference

No. 27056 A
2 days conference
Course/s coming up 10/10 2023
  • Grenå
    10th to 11th October 202310/10 - 11/10 2023
Join in for networking, workshop, and poster session at the Nordic Seaweed Conference in Grenaa, Denmark, 2022. The theme of this 10-year anniversary conference will be novel uses of seaweed - where we focus on production and novel exploitation of macroalgae in food, health, feed, materials and naturebased solutions

DKK600 kr

Symposium on medical cannabis: From plant to patient

No. 90813 P
1 day conference
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
Medical cannabis has been developing rapidly to a significant industry in Denmark. Since the launch of a four-year pilot period, several companies were established along the value chain from breeding, production, processing and development of medical products.

DKK5,400 kr

Food Emulsion

No. 90513 P
1 day course
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
If you work with product/process development, improving durability and ensuring quality of emulsions then this is the course for you. The course application examples mainly focus on food emulsions such as salad dressings, chocolate spread, mayonnaise, and sauces (e.g. bearnaise). Learn about emulsifying fats in water and water in fats and identifying suitable natural and / or synthetic emulsifiers.

DKK9,600 kr

Medical Cannabis – production, extraction and regulations

No. 91068 P
2 days course
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
The course will give a comprehensive overview of the breeding, production, and processing of medical cannabis plants. The aim of the course is to understand how to increase and keep the plant quality and cannabinoids on a high level along the selection of plant material, production, and processing steps.

Deltagelse DKK 0 

The role of oils and fats in the food industry

No. 91114 P
1 day webinar
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
Oils and fats can be tricky to work with. Therefore, Danish Technological Institute offers a free online webinar about the roles of oils and fats in food applications for the benefit of food businesses operators.

DKK3,700 kr

The 19th Nordic Workshop in Sensory Science - From idea to consumption

No. 91282
2 days workshop
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
This workshop will take a deep dive into the journey from idea to consumption focussing on sustainability.