Schur Pack Denmark A/S keeps its taste panel sharp

Maja Krogsøe Skou

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Schur Pack Denmark A/S keeps its taste panel sharp

Cardboard packaging producer Schur Pack Denmark A/S wants to be sure that packaging for foodstuffs does not leave an after-taste in the food. Therefore Danish Technological Institute has trained the company’s tasting panel.

Schur Pack Denmark holder sit smagspanel skarptSchur Pack Denmark A/S does not want to run the risk that the company’s food packaging affects their customers’ products by leaving an after-taste.

The packaging company has therefore used Danish Technological Institute’s know-how and experience in the field to train their internal tasting panel.

This panel has to continually test whether new packaging from Schur Pack Denmark A/S leaves an unwanted after-taste in various test products.

- We have had help in systematising and organising the tasting panel’s work to ensure that all the participants on the panel train their taste buds every week so that they keep their sense of taste sharp, says quality and environment manager Svend Ellegaard of Schur Pack Denmark A/S.

Fourteen employees from Schur Pack Denmark A/S have completed an education and training course with the Danish Technological Institute’s foodstuff experts in Kolding.

The course includes an examination of each individual’s ability to distinguish basic tastes from each other and training in noticing after-tastes in food products.

In addition, the Danish Technological Institute has trained five panellists who from now on can take over training the panel.